The 58th NSW Parliament: What’s “your” plan for Democracy, the Environment, Climate Change and Justice in Humanity’s Moment? 

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 7pm Wed 26th of April 2023
at the Courthouse Hotel (opposite the Post Office)

Pure Politics in the PubThe 58th NSW Parliament: What’s “your” plan for Democracy, the Environment, Climate Change and Justice in Humanity’s Moment

 with Sue Higginson



Sue Higginson

Sue is a Greens MP in the NSW Upper House. As an environmental justice warrior, she is one of the seven Greens women in the new NSW Parliament. Sue is a public interest environmental lawyer who has worked at the forefront of environmental law, conservation, science and policy for decades. She is the former Principal Solicitor and CEO of the Environmental Defenders Office, Australia’s leading public interest environmental law centre. Sue is responsible for some of the highest profile environmental litigation in the Country, taking on mining giants like Rio Tinto, BHP, Santos and Adani and Governments holding them to account for the environment.

Sue has delivered environmental legal services to rural, remote, regional and First Nations communities across NSW. She has represented hundreds of environmental protestors courts across Australia. Sue has lectured and taught environmental law in universities across NSW. She holds a Bachelor of Laws, with First Class Honours and was awarded the University Medal upon graduation.

Sue has sat on a number of Boards of not for profit charitable environmental organisations in Australia where she advised on governance and compliance.

Sue is a farmer, she grows dry land rice, and other crops, with her partner on the Richmond Floodplain in the Northern Rivers. Central to her farming practice is biodiversity management and conservation. She lives and works on land with koalas, where she has planted thousands of trees to try to secure their future.



Pure Politics in the Pub

The 58th NSW Parliament: What’s “your” plan for Democracy, the Environment, Climate Change and Justice in Humanity’s Moment? 

The dust has settled on the NSW State Election. The 58th Parliament of NSW is about to convene. Who has won, who has lost, what does it all mean for our Democracy, Environment, Climate Change and Justice? What can we expect over the next 4 critical years? Most importantly, what is your plan? In our democracy, your vote is only the start.

After 12 long years of the NSW Liberal National Coalition’s neoliberalist agenda, it appears that the 2 party stranglehold on our democracy has finally loosened. The NSW Parliament is no longer controlled by one of the big older parties. The new Labor minority Government will be sharing power with independents and Greens in both the Lower and Upper Houses. 

The IPCC has now completed its sixth assessment report cycle and the UN Secretary General warned the world “we don’t have a moment to lose”. We know this is humanity’s moment. Do we understand what that means for us here in NSW. Have we hit the peak of extractivism and the war on nature? Will we continue to allow the industrial scale logging of our ancient essential life giving forests, further fuelling the extinction crisis upon us? What is going to happen to all of those coal and gas projects across our lands and in the pipeline? NSW is still one of the world’s largest coal exporters! Why are we opening Santos’ Gas project in the Pilliga and onto the Liverpool Plains? Are our emissions really increasing?

Come and join this essential conversation with me as we set the agenda and continue to build the movement for the, humanity’s, moment.


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