Reclaiming Vision to Manifest a New Paradigm

~ Turning Point Talks  ~

 7pm Wednesday 26th of July 2023

at Durrumbul Hall
16 Mud Brick Lane Off Coopers Lane, Main Arm 2482

Darpan Speaks on
Reclaiming Vision to Manifest a New Paradigm
by a Radical Shift in Consciousness



Reclaiming Vision to Manifest a New Paradigm

There appear to be no linear solutions to the moral, fiscal and spiritual dilemmas we face today.

All attempts to handle these issues with the old mindset are doomed to an awful and protracted failure. No way out. As strange as it may seem, this is actually good news.

These are ideal conditions for the emergence of the one element which promises a dynamic solution to our existential crisis.

A radical shift of consciousness. A fundamental transformation of the way in which we perceive ourselves and the world in which we live.


Darpan’s Bio

Darpan is a musician, healer and counsellor. He travels extensively around the world delivering concerts, sound healing seminars and shamanic retreats. He is an inspirational speaker with a natural flair for embellishing talks with stories, anecdotes and rich personal experience. His passion is creating positive change by initiating vision and awakening new perspectives. His work is infused with warmth, insight and humour. 

He was born in the Netherlands and raised and educated in Australia where he is renowned as a teacher and a healer. He graduated with first class honours at Flinders University majoring in Psychology and the Dramatic Arts in 1976

He spent his early years working as a professional actor and is the founder/singer/songwriter for seminal rock bands The Divinyls and Die Laughing.

He went on to spend several years studying the art of meditation with the controversial mystic Osho in India. Later he lived and worked with various shamans and healers in South America most notably: Yatra Silveira de Barbosa (Brasil), Don Jose Campos (Peru), Don Casimiro Mamallacta (Ecuador) and studied with Carioca at Ciranda, an ayahuasca community in Brasil.

Further studies include Transpersonal Psychology and the teachings of Dr Stanislav Grof.

He is also deeply influenced by Tibetan Buddhist and Taoist philosophy.

He is renowned for his teaching and healing skills and is a living synthesis of his work.

A gifted musician, he has released the following albums: 

Fly Away

Body of Light


Temple of Glowing Sound Part 1 and 2

Viva Medicina

Peace Awakening 

A New Vision

This body of work has enjoyed international success in the emerging spiritual music genre. 

Directions to the Location

Durrumbul Hall, 16, Mud Brick Lane off Coopers Lane, Main Arm, 2482. 

The hall is 6.8 km  to the north west of Mullumbimby along Main Arm Road.

After 6.7 km and 8 minutes drive, turn left at the first cross roads.

Mud Brick Lane is the first driveway on the right down Coopers Lane. 

 The cattle gate is damaged so there is an easy to see  red marker there. 

Drive in and park next to the hall.

The hall is quite cold at night so please dress warmly or bring a blanket.


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