Psychedelic embodiment: navigating the contemporary integration landscape.

Psychedelic embodiment:
navigating the contemporary integration landscape

On the historic date of February 4th, 2023, Australia achieved a groundbreaking milestone by becoming the first country globally to legalize psychedelics. Notably, starting from July 1st, psychiatrists in the country have been empowered to prescribe MDMA for PTSD and psilocybin for severe depression. This heralds a significant and promising leap forward in mental health treatment options. However, while the legalization marks a momentous stride, there remain formidable challenges to overcome in ensuring the effectiveness and accessibility of these treatments for those who stand to benefit.

Join Dr. Mario Alam in an intimate and enlightening space as he draws from two decades of medical practice to share his profound insights. Dr. Alam will shed light on the inner journey that has led us to this pivotal point and explore how psychedelics serve as catalysts for breaking free from the constraints that have restrained our collective humanity. In this unique and exploratory session, Dr. Alam will guide participants through the intricacies of the current psychedelic landscape, navigating the challenges and opportunities that define this transformative era. Embark on this journey with Dr. Mario Alam, an experienced explorer and advocate, as we collectively usher in a new psychedelic renaissance era —marked by hope, healing, and the promise of a more enlightened future.


Mario’s Bio

Meet Dr. Mario Alam, a respected figure in Mullum’s medical community and the visionary founder of World Doctor. As one of the longest-standing medical professionals in the area, Dr. Alam brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate touch to his practice. His dedication extends beyond conventional medicine as he serves on the advisory board for Mind Medicine Australia, championing the legalization of psychedelic medicines.

Dr. Alam is a fervent advocate for a ‘whole picture’ approach to health,  integrating Western Medicine expertise withthe profound insights garnered from personal interactions with spiritual elders, shamans, and medical pioneers worldwide. His extensive travels to over 50 countries have provided him with unique perspectives on the human condition.

At the heart of Dr. Alam’s offerings is the groundbreaking program RESET, designed to prepare for and integrate psychedelic medicines while providing holistic solutions for trauma healing. Through this signature program, Dr. Alam embodies a commitment to transformative and sustainable healing.

An annual gathering, ‘Embodying Psychedelia,’ curated by Dr. Alam, serves as a platform for Australia’s leading practitioners to showcase the embodied wisdom of psychedelics in physical healing. Driven by his mission to create profound and lasting transformations, Dr. Mario Alam continues to be a guiding force in the pursuit of holistic well-being.

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