Midwifery, Birth and Beyond.

~ Turning Point Talks  ~

 7pm Wed 22nd of February 2023
at the Courthouse Hotel (opposite the Post Office)

TPT presents “Midwifery, Birth and Beyond”
 with Mira Stannard and Sita Kali



Mira Stannard

Mira Stannard, formerly Carole Eliott, was born in New Zealand in 1937 & moved to Australia in 1968. She is a midwife, healer, psychic & film maker & is internationally recognised for her intuitive approach to the magic of childbirth & has delivered hundreds of babies all over the world. 

She & her beloved partner, Tansen, started the Healing Centre & Birth & Beyond in Nimbin after the famed Aquarius Festival 50 years ago in 1975.  She has been extremely influential in her roll stressing the importance of natural childbirth in Australia and internationally. Mira has 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren and 2 great, great grandchildren who mostly reside in the Shire.


Sita Kali

Mumma Sita is an acclaimed wisdom holder of traditional Birth Keeping and holistic Womb wellness. Her life’s work unfolds with reverence and respect to the original people’s and sacred places of the lands she walks while in service. 

Since free birthing her first baby 23 years ago on the side of a mountain, she has learned & cared for women and their families along the continuum of their experience from womb wellness, fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth, through to postpartum, babies and beyond!

Raising six children, attending hundreds of births and supporting families to live happy, healthy lives across the Byron Shire, Sita’s warm, attentive, spacious and heart centered approach has been witnessed and honoured by much of the local community.

 Sita’s “Womb in Wisdom” practices are transformative, multi-dimensional, multi-modality holistic healing for all ages, stages and phases of the feminine. 

Weaving empathic, intuitive and clair-sentient abilities with many traditional earth-based practices from multi-linear cultures… including using vibrational medicines, energy work (reiki), massage & body work, herbal and plant-based medicines, nutritional support (food as medicine), Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Chinese Acupressure & Medicine, Heather Bruce’s-Gentling Way, breathwork, music/sound therapy, trauma relief/release, self care coaching, dance, yoga, and martial arts.

Sita’s current focus is twofold and centred around birth education and healing work. 

She works with her apprentices to train the next generation of birth attendants as well continuing to coach women & families with simple, hands on knowledge, so they can be confidently present with their birth process. 

She holds holistic healing sessions, prenatal and postnatal body work sessions in the sanctuary of The Blue Rose Temple. Plus runs workshops, ecstatic dance & embodiment classes, online zoom sessions, talks and conferences.

Sita is passionate to share all these wonderful traditional wise ways of birth and beyond across the world to change the overly medicalised model of women’s health and birth!

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