Our interview with Foster Gamble co-creator of the documentaries Thrive I & II.

This is our very stimulating, outspoken and controversial interview recorded last March online with Foster Gamble.

Foster Gamble is the creator of the documentaries “Thrive – What on Earth will it Take” & its follow up “Thrive ll – This is What it Takes” which offers many solutions to the question how can we help this planet  really thrive?

Foster begins by saying that what is going on at the moment is the largest fraud that has ever taken place because it is global. He calls is a veritable ‘book burning”.

On the positive side the “global domination agenda” is having to expose itself in a way that is stimulating millions of people to wake up to their manipulation all over the world.

He notes that Australia is vulnerable because unlike the States it doesn’t have a Bill of Rights.

He says that the plan is to create a global social credit system rather like the one they already have in China. He considers that we’re are living through a new kind of global war now. Just as  his father and his grandfather did in their lives, but less obvious.

He still, however feels amazingly optimistic because it’s clear that the people creating this global agenda are having to use coercion, lie, cheat, steal and kill and so they don’t have a “soul mission”.  Not only that but they are outnumbered one hundred million to one.

Foster says that the biggest challenge is our lack of our belief in our own authority, instead giving authority to the World Bank and the IMF. There is an attempt at a totalitarian take over happening but the question is why do we give them our power? He also acknowledges that freedom groups are forming in many places around the world, for instance in Mullumbimby.

He says that the main stream media has been taken over, however the good news is that they are no longer effectively the main stream. For example, CNN receives only 1.5 million viewers a day while the podcasts of some of his friends receive 4 or 5 times that amount. An alternative global network of networks is being created where people will not be de-platformed.

He also said that these days there are extremely clever hackers that might be able to give us an alternative internet. Amazingly after Thrive ll was released he was contacted by members of Anonymous who said they had checked him out, realised that he was sincere and the real thing and offered to back him up if ever he needed help.

Foster believes that there is significant evidence that extra-terrestrials are helping by for example turning off nuclear missile systems so they can’t be launched.

He said that they are using Covid and 5G to get a sophisticated operating system into our minds – which they will then own.

Foster loves Sacred Geometry and this gave Narada and him lots to share. He says we are the Flower of Life so naturally so we feel it kinaesthetically and that music is the key to understanding geometry because the resonance is so important. His partner Kimberly often speaks of the importance of three key words when it comes to healing: frequency, vibration and resonance. They visit a doctor in Mexico that is healing cancer patients using sacred geometry and quantum charged nano-particles and having amazing results.