The Post Office Bank Revolution – with Jan Pukallus

~ Turning Point Talks  ~

 7pm Wed 28th Sept 2022
at the Courthouse Hotel (opposite the Post Office)

TPT presents “The Post Office Bank Revolution”
 with Jan Pukallus
from the Australian Citizen’s Party

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These are exciting times, though you won’t hear that in the corporate media! That media is dedicated to spreading fear and citizen paralysis. Turning Point Talks is about how we can reverse that and create better alternatives. We trust you and your friends will be looking forward to hearing more and doing more to bring about the more beautiful world we know is possible.

So for our first talk this season we are so glad to feature the indefatigable Jan Pukullus, Queensland secretary of the Citizen Party, to explain why we need a real Post Office Bank, and how close we are to having this enshrined in law. The Greens and many Independents are supporting an upcoming bill to get a real Public Bank via the Post Office network.

With a real Public Bank, we can start funding affordable housing, environmental repair, farm support and help recreate Australian manufacturing. We can break the stranglehold of The Big Banks on Australian Government policy.

Jan writes: “A Post Office Bank is a Revolution! That is not an overstatement. My presentation will situate where we are today economically, what got us here and how we must change course: top-down policy/legislation and ground up activation. Personally, I’m “just” a full time mum of 4. I witnessed firsthand the amalgamation of schools and councils and down-grades of hospitals, and this led to my husband and I joining the Citizens’ Party 25yrs ago. The Citizens’ Party is still here fighting for a national bank/post bank to build out of the upcoming Depression and to Stop WW3.”

The Citizens Party Youtube presentations and circulars are well worth listening to, they are full of excellent Australian and International politics, often with a focus on finance and infrastructure. Jan says her talk will be largely Questions and Answers.

Dr Liz Elliott will give a short supporting talk on the WEF, the World Economic Forum, the club for corporations that turn over more than 5 billion, an elites’ club that aims to shape all public life across the globe.

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