Sacred Geometry, A.I. Art, and Spirituality – with Narada
(plus his pop-up AI Art exhibition
and the launch of the project)

Filmed on Saturday, & Sunday
20th 21st 22nd Oct
at the Community College
corner of Burringbar St and Gordon St Mullumbimby



Narada is an ex-Australian junior chess champion (1977 shared with GM Darryl Johansen), graphic artist, musician,
Sacred Geometer, and behind-the-scenes activist.
(Tech support, graphic designer, and web manager for Turning Point Talks).

He is the author and illustrator of the lavishly illustrated book
‘Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life –
a Higher Dimensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream’.

He has been pushing the limits of AI’s understanding of Archetypal Imagery and Beauty,
as part of a plan to create a viral marketing system for accelerating Planetary Awakening.
You can read the whole book for free in the members area of

He is also the creator of
and creator of all the 3D printed geometries and artworks there.

We will explore the nature of AI and the ways it will soon disrupt EVERYTHING.

“Now that AI is becoming a Reality, Virtually ANYTHING is becoming possible! It could destroy us… or… it could be the solution to all our other problems and the ways that we are threatening to destroy ourselves. It could be the catalyst for a transformation of what it means to be human. We do not know, because we cannot know. We cannot see beyond the event horizon that conceals the technological singularity.
AI is throwing new light on every philosophical question that humanity has pondered throughout the millennia. What is intelligence? What is the Universe? What are we? What is our right relationship with everything?
AI is achieving milestones towards super human level intelligence at an exponential rate that is going vertical. It has no biological senses, or experience of any kind (as far as we conceive of it), and yet from the chaos of digital data, it manages to find higher dimensional patterns, and manipulate pixels, to make us perceive profoundly meaningful archetypal imagery. In a 2 dimensional image, it can correctly display 3D perspective, match colors exquisitely, show characters in relation to each other, display an understanding of style and culture, and even apparently insightful symbology.
Richard Feynman  said, “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics”, but now the same could be said of AI! Paul Hawken said “If you look at the science that describes what is happening on earth today and aren’t pessimistic, you don’t have the correct data. If you meet people in this unnamed movement, and aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a heart.” I believe the same can be said about the dangers, and promise, of AI. Let’s work in whatever way we can to be the butterflies flapping their chaotic wings to create a positive outcome to this encounter, with what is truly, an almost miraculous technology.”



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