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Predictive Astrology + Meditation with Pratima – What is in store for us next ? Night will include two special meditations .

About this event

Pratima will use her expertise as an astrologer to see what we can expect in the next months in particular and over the next few years in more general terms – she will open with a guided meditation that takes us on a journey out into our solar system and close with an Advaita inspired meditation to bring us home to our true selves.

Tickets By Donation : ( pay ‘dana’ – recommended $20 and $15 conc.- but if you can’t afford pay what you can as we’d like you to join us either way ) . Tickets via Eventbrite link below . Tickets at front door only if event not sold out .

Pratima is a long time spiritual practitioner and astrologer, starting on both paths when she was 15 . She started hitchhiking to India in search of enlightenment aged 21 . She sat with many extraordinary gurus and sadhus including Osho and Papaji – she gave Satsang on behalf of Papaji for many years and is the Australian Emissary of the mystic physicist Nassim Haramein.

She was initiated into Tibetan Buddhism aged 17 by Chogyam Trungpa. She ran the Buddhist Society at Uni & studied in a monastery in Thailand. Later she had a private interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama & attended many Vipassana Meditation retreats.

She is the astrologer at the Woodford Folk Festival – She loves to predict the future and see what’s really going on !

All welcome – although event in yurt so limited spaces . Covid comments – the usual virus protocols apply.

For more information you can ring Pratima on 0431300329

Book tickets on Eventbrite here

Book tickets on Eventbrite here