~ Turning Point Talks  ~

 7:30pm Wed 26th Oct 2022 at the Courthouse Hotel Mullumbimby
(opposite the Post Office)

TPT presents “Practical Steps for Surviving Outside the System”
 With Adam Gibson
Founder of ‘Parents with Questions’
One of our local heroes Adam Gibson talks about the success of Parents with Questions and his latest project to set up Family Farms to ensure food security.
Adam Gibson is a local parent and lifelong entrepreneur, and the founder of Parents With Questions, a grassroots movement of millions of Aussie parents designed to offer balance to the mainstream “safe and effective” narrative around Covid vaccination for young children.
His latest project is The Family Farm, which offers everyday families a chance to own a share in regenerative farmland and secure their food supply.
Adam is passionate about regenerative farming, nutrient rich food, and raising healthy, highly conscious children at this unprecedented time in history.
Adam’s talk explores the back story of the Parents With Questions and the surprising reason it was so successful, plus explain how owning your own nutrient dense food supply can not only be easy, but also the most important investment any family can make for the future.


Adam Gibson flyer