~ Turning Point Talks  ~

 7:00pm Tuesday 27th June 2023 at the Courthouse Pub Mullumbimby

TPT presents ” How COVID-19 was used to usher in 15 Minute Cities, Permanent Lockdowns, 24/7 Surveillance, etc… and what you can do to stop it “
 With Meryl Dorey
from the Australian Vaccination-risks Network
On February 1sr 2022 the Australian Vaccination-risks Network, Inc. (AVN) filed a Judicial Review case in the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney asking the court to order Dr Brendan Murphy, Secretary of the Department of Health, to meet his obligation to follow the science and cancel or suspend the provisional approval for all experimental COVID vaccines in Australia.
Meryl worked together with former barrister Julian Gillespie. The case was followed by many people on line with great hope but unfortunately the AVN lost the case. Meryl will tell us more about this case on Tuesday the 27th of June.
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Meryl Dorey

Meryl Dorey is a mother of 4 children, the eldest of whom was injured by his DPT vaccine in 1989 and again by his MMR vaccine in 1990.

In 1994, after a great deal of medical research and meeting many other families with children who had been injured or killed by vaccines, Meryl worked with health professionals and parents to form a local organisation in the Northern Rivers of NSW called the Vaccination Awareness Network (VAN). Four years later, VAN combined with many other local vaccination information and support groups to form the Australian Vaccination Network (now the Australian Vaccination-risks Network – AVN). In 1998, 2 AVN Committee Members travelled to Canberra and lobbied Federal Parliament to enact a conscientious objector clause which, until January 2016, guaranteed that no child would be discriminated against in school, preschool or childcare whether they were vaccinated or unvaccinated. We also ensured that no financial penalties would be levied against those families who chose not to vaccinate their children.

 In the 26 years since its founding, the AVN has educated, supported and lobbied on behalf of families and health professionals around the country. We have networked closely with national and international health rights organisations and oppose any form of mandatory mass medication without informed consent. We are not anti-vaccination but simply believe that all medical procedures must be a matter of free and informed choice and that the government’s rights over citizens bodies stop at their skin.