Astrological Predictions for the coming year.

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TPT presents “Astrological Predictions for the coming year – with Pratima

About the Speaker



At Woodford Folk Festival on the 31st of December each year Pratima gives her annual astrology lecture, in the Blue Lotus venue to a packed out audience of approximately 350 people.

Her power point presentation is called “Astrological Predictions for the coming year.”

Woodford was cancelled last year due to Covid but the year before on the 31st December 2019 she started her presentation with the following sentences. (She found her old notes.)

“Welcome everyone! Its the MOST  IMPORTANT year in our generation  SINCE WW2 !! 

 A significant TURNING POINT in humanities future!

BY the END of the 2020’s we will look back at 2020 as the PRELIMINARY year of a brand new start for planet earth. 

 We’ll Look back at 2019 & the years before it & perceive  it as being like an OLD AGE. 

The new era BEGINS on the 12th Jan. 2020, in just 13 days, when Saturn conjuncts Pluto & a major  restructuring of power occurs & a new form of tyranny begins.”

Pratima also said later in that presentation that,

 in the last week  of March 2020 when Mars squared Sat, Pluto & Jup. all at once, that the powers that be,  would succeed in enforcing their will upon the people.

You may remember that the pandemic really started manifesting in Australia in that last week of March.

It was at the beginning of April that a lady from ABC Radio Melbourne, who’d attended her lecture, rang her asking for an interview to see what on earth was going to happen next!

So if youd like TO FIND OUT what’s happening NOW in the month of October, & in the year ahead please come on Sunday just before 2pm.


Please be sure to drive into the property and park in the large paddock at the back of the land and not on the road. 

As long as the weather is good we will meet just outside of the large Yoga Hall under the huge trees in the shade. Please bring a mat to sit on and a cushion or a fold up chair.